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New study finds that acupuncture is the perfect therapy when it comes to stress-busting. *Rory Hafford looks at the findings and argues that acupuncture has so much more to offer…


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Dr Louise Geary of Hair Transplant Ireland tells Health News Ireland that going bald is no laughing matter. In fact, it can lead to huge psychological trauma…


DR LOUISE Geary has a little advice for the women of Ireland. She says, if you see a man who is thinning a little …


Alison Jordan takes us along to her weekly Zumba class and highlights the considerable health benefits…


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Scalp Folliculitis Symptoms: Causes And How To Treat It At Home?

Scalp folliculitis is an inflammatory condition of hair follicles in the scalp. Folliculitis is mainly caused by bacteria, viruses, fungus and chemical irritants. The characteristic lesions of scalp folliculitis are filled with pus with severe itching. Numerous hair follicles are affected at the same time. In majority of cases frontal hairline is affected, but the annoying condition can spread all over scalp if not treated.

Folliculitis in scalp is mainly caused by staphylococcus bacteria. Poor hair care, unhygienic condition and people suffering from diabetes are at greater risk of suffering from scalp follculitis.

The lesions respond well to warm compresses, antiseptic hair wash and antibacterial ointment.

Causes Of Scalp Folliculitis

The exact reason of folliculitis in scalp and other hairy areas such as axilla, thigh and face is not very well understood, however it is believed to be an inflammatory reaction to pathogenic organism present on the skin surface. Infectious organisms such as staphylococcus aureus are mainly responsible for it. The other organisms from fungal and viral family such as Candida and herpes simplex virus may also cause infection in scalp hair follicles.

There are number of organism on skin surface but they are harmless.

Once they enter into the hair follicle and under the skin due to cuts and scratches or broken skin, they become infectious. Poor scalp hygiene, excessive perspiration, use of chemical dyes and irritants can lead to severe itching and scratching. This may lead to cuts and scratches on scalp skin. It provides an entry for microorganisms to enter into the follicles and trigger infection.

Persons suffering from diabetes are also susceptible to this annoying condition. Scalp folliculitis can spread from an infected person to another non infected person by sharing combs, hats and hair care products.

Symptoms Of Scalp Folliculitis

Foliculitis on scalp is apparent and a dermatologist can quickly recognize the infection. The condition in majority of cases is present on the frontal hairline, however sometimes it may be present on posterior region of scalp or all over the scalp.

Folloculitis has characteristic lesions. They are pus filled small lesions with hair projecting from the center. Pus and blood may ooze out when pressed. Folliculitis on scalp causes severe itching. They are painful. In mild cases the rash resolves without much complication. However, in case if the infection is deep seated, it may leave behind scars once the condition heals.

There are several follicles involved at the same time. Depending on the severity patient may also suffer from loss of hair. Lymph nodes in the region of neck may become tender and enlarged.

Home Remedies To Treat Scalp Folliculitis

Foliculitis on scalp is a painful and itchy condition. If the condition is in its mild form, it can be treated at home. But if folliculitis is deep seated, the patient may require conventional medications such as oral anti biotic, antibacterial ointment etc.

Here are few home measures which may enhance healing process.

  • Maintaining good skin hygiene is necessary for healing of lesions.
  • Wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Always use warm water to wash your hair. Avoid using hot water as this may increase oil production and consequently irritate infected hair follicles.
  • Do not scrub or massage your scalp. Avoid using a sharp toothed comb and do not dig the comb in scalp.
  • You can use anti fungal shampoos which may help to alleviate itching.
  • You can add few drops of tea tree oil in mild shampoo. Tea tree oil has natural antibacterial properties. It helps to remove bacteria and other pathogens from scalp.
  • Control your diabetes if your blood sugar is high.
  • Avoid sharing personal combs and hats with other people.
  • Avoid using hair dyes if you have a previous history of scalp folliculitis.

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Natural Remedies For Diarrhea – Natural Health & DIY

Don’t want the toilet to be your new best friend? We all have suffered from a case of the runs here or there. Of course, there are plenty of medicines available at our drugstores which do an amazing job at halting diarrhea in its tracks… The thing is, that scares me. Diarrhea is our bodies natural defense for getting rid of something potentially harmful. Our bodies use diarrhea to rid itself of bacteria, viruses, you name it. I feel that purposefully getting in the way of my bodies natural defense is counterproductive. Yes, it will help me feel better for the moment, but it could potentially make you sicker, if you are in fact suffering from a intestinal bacteria/viral infection that your body is trying to fight. For that reason, I like to avoid over the counter stomach medicine. I like to use natural treatments that persuade my body to stop the runs, not force it!

The most important thing to remember if you have diarrhea is to stay hydrated! Diarrhea can severely dehydrate you, since its using your bodies water resources to help flush out the intestinal track. Staying hydrated is crucial to a speedy recovery. Drinking water is great, but if you feel severely dehydrated, you should go for gatorade, coconut water, or eat a banana to regain lost electrolytes and hydration. There are also specialized drinks for replacing lost electrolytes. Products like Pedialyte found in the baby food section are an excellent choice for electrolyte replacement.

Another good thing to do during periods of diarrhea as well as after, is to eat yogurt. The bacteria in yogurt is incredibly beneficial to our digestive system. It helps replace lost bacteria, and to re-populate the stomach and gut with good bacteria. If you are experiencing diarrhea from antibiotics, then yogurt is the number one solution for that! Antibiotics kill a lot of the good, natural bacteria in our digestive systems. Eating yogurt helps to restore the bacteria that was wiped out by the antibiotics, and therefore cures the cause. If you don’t want to eat yogurt, you can always get probiotic capsules, or kiefir drinks. Anything with beneficial bacteria will be helpful.Avoid these foods! Avoid all dairy products. Dairy is generally digested in your small intestine. When we have diarrhea, the problem is usually in the small intestine. For that reason, when we have diarrhea, our bodies will not process dairy very well- leading to problems! Also, do not drink coffee or tea. Large amounts of caffeine and sugar can stimulate the digestive system. When we have diarrhea, our intestines are overly stimulated- the last thing we want to do is stimulate them more by consuming caffeine or sugar! Finally, stay away from greasy, and high fiber foods. These foods are more difficult for our bodies to digest, and therefore can cause issues during times that our digestive tract is angry!
Just like in my article about ” Having a nice cup of Chamomile tea can help ease diarrhea. Chamomile does an excellent job at calming the digestive system, and soothing any irritation and inflammation. It also has antispasmodic properties, which helps calms the over-active muscle tissue of the digestive system. Adding honey can add an extra boost to help calm and coat the stomach.

Eat Blueberries! Believe it or not, blueberries are excellent at treating diarrhea! In Sweeden, its been known that doctors prescribe a paste made from blueberries for stomach issues! Blueberries are high in Tannins, which are known to naturally combat diarrhea. Even better, you can have yogurt with blueberries on top! Or try a blueberry yogurt smoothie! Or a Blueberry Yogurt Honey Smoothie! Combine all these great ingredients, and you’re sure to cure your problem in no time!

Last but not least, I do want to mention that if your diarrhea persists more than a few days, I would recommend seeing a doctor. It can be a sign of something much worse, that may require medical attention. For that reason, please consult when necessary! Please let me know if there are any other natural treatments for diarrhea that I’ve missed!

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