All About Podiatrists and Common Athletic Foot Injuries

Podiatrists are foot and ankle specialists. They primarily deal with these two areas of the body. They also deal with broken bones in the foot and ankle areas. Sometimes they will perform work that is located in the lower leg since it is connected to the ankle. Podiatrists are also trained to deal with foot and ankle issues related to a person’s bones. Podiatrists also specialize in the treatment of sports related injuries.

Common Injuries for Athletes

Athletes are a group of people that consistently use their body for strenuous activity. They are always running, shifting, twisting, jerking and coming to abrupt stops. Many athletes also use their legs and feet to perform special maneuvers and great feats. Experts report that common sports injuries include Achilles tendonitis, stress fractures, ankle sprains and neuroma. Each of these different conditions can impede an athlete’s performance or stop them from participating on the field or court. Heel spurs and stress fractures also cause issues for athletes as well.

Podiatrists Prevention Recommendations for Athletes

This article tells athletes that they should wear the right type of athletic shoe for their sport. This bit of information is important because it is the best way for athletes to protect their feet. An athlete should wear their shoes for about 3 months and then replace them. They are also encouraged to warm up their feet. They should be stretched, rotated and physical therapy should be applied.

Athletes are encouraged to strengthen their feet through resistance and balance training. Competitors should also wrap their feet when they feel some type of problem starting to develop. Players should strengthen other parts of their body since they are connected to their legs. They should also take supplement such as vitamin D and magnesium and regularly visit a podiatrist for preventative care. podiatric sports medicine elmhurst il is recommended for any athlete who is experiencing foot problems.

Podiatrists in the Field of Sports Medicine

Podiatrists at the Foot and Specialists of the Mid-Atlantic are members of the American Academy of Sports Medicine (AAPSM) these individuals are connected to various professional, college, semi-professional and amateur sports franchises. They also work with various athletes from different sports fields. Their patients come in different shapes, sizes and ages. They help treat patients suffering from different injuries and problems related to their feet. These individuals are an integral part of any sports team because of the service they provide.

American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine (AAPSM)

The American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine (AAPSM) is a major governing body and professional organization for podiatrists. Their primary job is to educate, inform, manage and conduct research related to the field of podiatry. They also help podiatrists to have a better understanding of their field. AAPSM provides governance for their members and they also instruct athletes about prevention and self-treatment for their feet.

This organization is also considered one of the best in the field of medicine. Many licensed and certified podiatrists are members of this organization. They also work with other medical professionals within the realm of sports. This way their members can provide the best care to athletes.